Advance Introduction

Mar 27, 2024 | Leading Companies in China, Home News | 0 comments

Recently, the Hangzhou Advance brand electric propulsion gearbox assisted the smooth trial voyage of the ultra large battery capacity pure electric container ship “COSCO Shipping Green Water 01” in Yangzhou. This milestone ship demonstrates China’s leading technology in the field of green shipping and also demonstrates the strong strength of Hangzhou Advance Group in the field of ship electric propulsion.

Advance Introduction
The ship has a total length of 119.8 meters and a width of 23.6 meters. The ship is equipped with 36 box-type mobile power supplies (each with a capacity of 1,600 kilowatt hours). The box-type mobile power supplies are used for battery replacement and endurance. The entire voyage is propelled by battery power. It is my country’s first ship It is a pure electric container ship with the largest battery capacity independently designed, developed and built with independent intellectual property rights. The electric propulsion gearbox provided by Hangzhou Gear Group for the ship has stable performance and reliable quality, providing it with strong power guarantee in complex navigation environments.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the ship and the stability of the equipment, Hangzhou Gear Group also provided high-quality after-sales service and guarantee for the ship. The company’s professional team has strictly verified the performance of the equipment to ensure that it can operate stably under various working conditions. At the same time, on-site training is organized for crew members so that ship users can better understand and master the operation, maintenance and upkeep of equipment.

In recent years, Hangzhou Gear Group has made advance plans in the new energy industry. Among them, its marine electric propulsion products have formed a complete spectrum, accumulated relatively mature experience, and have been widely recognized by users. We believe that under the sustainable development trend of green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection in the global shipping industry, Hangge’s marine electric propulsion products will move to a new level.

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