Company Introduction: ACPL-Anhui Cummins Power Ltd.

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Anhui Cummins Power Co., Ltd. (ACPL for short) was officially established in Hefei, Anhui on December 26, 2018. The total investment is 2.1 billion yuan, with JAC and Cummins each contributing 50%.

The factory covers an area of 136,000 square meters, has 600 employees, and has an annual designed production capacity of 250,000 units, of which the annual designed capacity of China’s six products is 100,000 units.
It produces high-efficiency light and medium-sized engines that meet the needs of the automotive market. Currently, it is mainly equipped with JAC vehicles. In the future, it will also supply domestic and overseas OEM customers, providing world-leading diesel engines for light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, passenger cars and special vehicles. product.

Founding Background
The win-win cooperation between Cummins and JAC in the past 20 years has laid a solid foundation for the establishment of Anhui Cummins. The two sides complement each other’s advantages, and promote the success of customers with the spirit of continuous innovation and the quality of lifelong trust. The synergy between Cummins and JAC in the power field and vehicle technology will be transformed into the unique competitiveness of Anhui Cummins, creating a more market-competitive cutting-edge product line, and continuously achieving excellence in China VI and the broader market.

Product Introduction
Anhui Cummins production base has been comprehensively upgraded in the fields of products, technology, manufacturing, quality, supply chain, management and services. In order to provide the market with more competitive and efficient power, the joint venture company upgraded and optimized the existing National V products, and introduced Cummins’ new B-series product platform, which was tailored for the National VI emissions and the needs of the Chinese market and users. Continually improve performance and efficiency while meeting stringent emissions regulations.
At present, it has the product platform of National V product 2.7/2.8, and optimizes the original product line according to Cummins’ global unified production management system to comprehensively improve the quality of National V product.
For the National VI emission upgrade, Cummins’ new B-series product platform B4.0/B4.5 has been fully introduced, which will be applied in the market of medium and heavy trucks, special vehicles and even passenger cars. In the sixth stage of the country, Anhui Cummins will form a situation in which the four major product platforms of B4.0/B4.5/3.0/3.5 will fully assist JAC light trucks.

Background of Mother Company Cummins and JAC

Cummins – the world’s leading power solutions provider
As a global power leader, Cummins designs, manufactures, distributes and provides service support for a wide range of power solutions.
The company’s products include diesel and natural gas engines, hybrid and electric power platforms, and related technologies, including transmission systems, battery systems, fuel systems, control systems, intake air treatment systems, filtration systems, emission treatment systems and power systems.

JAC Motors – a global growth company
JAC has established joint ventures with well-known companies such as Cummins Engine, Volkswagen of Germany, and Banco Santander of Spain.
It has established cooperative relations with more than 130 countries and regions in the world such as South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. It has two overseas R&D centers in JAC Japan and JAC Italy; it has subsidiaries in Russia, Vietnam, and Kenya; it has established in Mexico and other places. There are 19 international industrial bases.
By the end of 2018, JAC had exported more than 600,000 vehicles. The export of medium and high-end light trucks has been the first in the industry for many consecutive years, and the export of passenger vehicles has ranked the top three in the industry.

China – the largest market for Cummins in the world
Cummins is one of the earliest western diesel engine companies to carry out localized production of engines in China. In 1997, Cummins formally established a regional headquarters in China, and Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing to manage Cummins’ investment and business development in East Asia.
So far, Cummins has a total of 29 institutions in China, including 14 joint ventures, with more than 10,000 employees. Cummins’ service network in China includes 16 regional service centers and more than 2,000 authorized distributors of wholly-owned and joint ventures in China.

Jianghuai Automobile – a full range, comprehensive automobile group
It is a comprehensive automobile enterprise group integrating R&D, production, sales and services of a full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and powertrains.
JAC – China’s leading automotive conglomerate
Founded in 1964, after more than half a century of independent development, it has become a leading automobile enterprise group in China. The existing leading products include: heavy, medium, light, mini trucks, multi-purpose commercial vehicles, MPVs, SUVs, cars, Buses, special chassis and core components such as gearboxes, engines and axles.

Intelligent Manufacturing Base

International production base
Adhere to the concept of lean production to achieve the dual goals of high quality and high efficiency.

Anhui Cummins engine production base, covering an area of 136,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan, produces Anhui Cummins 2.7L, 2.8L, China VI 3.OL and Cummins B series China VI 4.0, 4.5L medium and light diesel engine power.
The flexible manufacturing center has 6 high-end imported CNC machine tool processing lines with a processing accuracy of 1 micron, a high-level intelligent engine assembly line integrating automation and informatization, a robot automatic spraying line, and a large number of high-end imported high-precision Measure and tighten the equipment to ensure that the manufacturing level reaches the international level.
Anhui Cummins production base adheres to lean production, with precision, standardization, high quality and low cost as the core, to achieve the dual goals of high quality and high efficiency.

Digital and automated machining lines
Configured with the world’s leading processing, testing equipment and advanced process design layout;
Adopt German Heckert high-precision machining center to ensure the stability of key machining dimensions;
Use FUNAC robot to transfer workpieces to improve efficiency and processing quality;
Equipped with a 0.1-micron Italian Marposi measuring instrument to effectively monitor the processing process;
The robot fixed-point cleaning equipment is adopted to ensure that the cleanliness of the processed parts reaches the leading level;
Using the German Zeiss three-coordinate, the process is effectively monitored and data analyzed.
The fully automatic German NAGEL line grinding machine can provide stable processing quality; the three major holes of the cylinder body adopt the world’s leading honing processing technology to ensure processing quality and process stability.

Technology-Intelligent Final Assembly Line

Improve efficiency and avoid errors with world-leading KUGA robots.
The use of the world’s most advanced KUGA robots on the assembly line minimizes errors caused by manual operations and improves assembly efficiency. The key bolts are tightened with the Swedish Atlas high-precision tightening shaft to ensure stable process quality; Cummins’ globally unified whole machine inspection equipment is used to ensure the correct ECM data configuration and effective sensor connection; The production process uses up to 50 active error-proofing, Effectively ensure the quality of the assembly process.

Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Coating Line

Robot automatic spraying to meet the multi-model mixed production capacity
From degreasing, cleaning, drying, spraying to leveling drying
All are automatically sprayed by robots, with high efficiency, effectively ensuring the thickness of the paint film.
Meet the multi-model mixed production capacity.
All models use water-based paint to ensure the production of safe and environmentally friendly products.
Spraying waste is treated by activated carbon adsorption + greening purification device.
Reduce exhaust emissions.
The process of spraying the whole machine is used.
Improve the anti-rust ability and aesthetic feeling of engine parts.

Efficient and Reliable Hot Test Line

Fully automatic engine test line
Ensure high-quality, zero-failure delivery
Fully automatic engine test line, 100% factory thermal break-in inspection, to ensure the delivery of high-quality, zero-failure diesel engines to customers. Equipped with Austrian AVL power test bench, the whole process can automatically detect and judge the test quality of the engine, and collect and manage data in real time. At present, there are 12 hot test benches, and their reliability, stability and advancement are in the forefront of the industry, which can meet the functions of engine field test and quality sampling test.

The World’s Leading Test Center

Possess multiple sets of test benches and emission testing analysis equipment Emission testing meets regulatory testing requirements.
At present, there are 10 sets of test benches, 2 sets of performance test and analysis equipment, and total fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan. It has the capabilities of combustion development, mechanical development, durability development, and structural analysis of key components for diesel engines. The emission test equipment can meet the test requirements of Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission regulations.

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