FAST Introduction

Mar 27, 2024 | Leading Companies in China, Home News | 0 comments

On March 13-15, 2024, the China Intelligent Electric Vehicle Technology and Supply Chain Exhibition (referred to as the “China Intelligent Electric Exhibition”) was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center, and the Fast Lanchi Electric Drive System made a brilliant appearance at the exhibition, attracting high attention from the industry.

FAST Introduction

During the exhibition, Fast had in-depth exchanges with customers and collaborated to build a win-win supply chain partnership. 15 companies, including Fa Shi Te, have been awarded the title of “Excellent Enterprise in the Automotive Industry Chain and Supply Chain of the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle”.

In the cooperation demonstration exhibition area, Fast showcased two star products – FS4E200-2 integrated electric drive system and FS2EA480 EDS electric drive system, attracting a large number of users to stop and visit for negotiations.

The FS4E200-2 integrated electric drive system adopts an integrated scheme of high-power high-speed flat wire motor+single reduction+four speed fully oblique tooth low noise transmission, with an integrated cast aluminum shell, integrated pneumatic shift control mechanism, and independently developed TCU software platform design. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, high reliability, low energy consumption, low noise, and low failure rate.

The FS2EA480 EDS electric drive system has the lightest weight, occupies less space in the power transmission system, has obvious advantages such as high efficiency and low noise. This product has unique development advantages and is the first EDS product in China to use oil cooled and flat wire dual motors.
It is also the first EDS product in China that can mass produce power shifting without power interruption. It is also the first EDS product in China to integrate a motor with a 2-speed transmission.

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